Our collection 

Don't let the cold catch you off guard!

Our collection 

Don't let the cold catch you off guard!

The parasol

YOYO parasol adapts to all versions of YOYO (newborn pack, bassinet, and 6+ pack) and can also clip onto the car seat.
With UPF 50+ protection and enhanced opacity, it protects your baby from the sun more effectively than ever.
Available in the full range of colors.

YOYO car seat

Created in collaboration with BeSafe®, the Norwegian safety experts, YOYO car seat is designed to protect your newborn baby and ensure he/she travels safely: YOYO car seat is a certified Group 0+ model for children aged 0 to approximately 12 months (up to 13 kg / 75 cm - 28.7 lbs / 29.5 in).
Your baby benefits from the shock-absorbent material (Dynamic Force Absorber™ technology) of the inner shell while the padded seat (Newborn Hugger™ cushioning) provides the best possible support.
YOYO car seat also offers an additional safety feature, with the Side Impact Protection (SIP+) system designed to absorb energy and reduce strain to the child’s head and neck in the event of a side collision.

• BABYZEN fabric for a soft, supple feel.
• Ventilated sun hood for anti-UV protection (UPF 50+).
• Magnetic shoulder straps for easy installation.
• Adapts to your baby’s growth.
• Rear-facing installation.
• Ergonomic 3-position carry-handle.
• Weight: 4.8 kg (10.6lbs).
• Approved under the latest standard, UN R129 (i-Size).

The rain covers

YOYO rain covers protect your child from bad weather.
Rain covers are suitable for the newborn pack, the bassinet, and the 6+ color pack.
They are easy to install and can be quickly stored in the basket or in the stroller’s rear pocket when the sun comes out again.

The leg rest

The YOYO leg rest clips onto the stroller in the blink of an eye. Its different positions and soft cushion allow your baby to sleep even more comfortably in his/her YOYO.
The stroller folds and unfolds just as easily with its leg rest in place, for an even smoother ride.

The cup holder

The YOYO cup holder has been specially designed for YOYO. Very stable, it has a hook specifically designed to attach to 6 different points on the stroller frame.
Keep your drinks close at hand by installing a cup holder for you and one for your baby.

YOYO bag

BABYZEN lightens your daily life with your YOYO bag.
YOYO bag hooks onto the YOYO stroller in seconds and, thanks to its wheel, supports an additional 10 kg (22 lbs) without extra efforts.
Loaded with groceries or your gear, your YOYO remains manoeuvrable, light, completely stable and always navigable with one hand.
An end to those strollers that tip over under the weight of bags hanging from the handlebars!


BABYZEN invented YOYO board to adapt exclusively to the YOYO stroller.
YOYO board is installed on the YOYO stroller with one click and with one hand. It can accommodate a child up to 20 kg (44.1 lbs).
No more wearing yourself out when you cross the road on the way back from the shops.
The child is seated in complete safety, with the choice of standing or sitting on an easily removable saddle.
When not in use, YOYO board can be stored in two different positions, for minimum bulk.
Time to get back to those parks and museums!

The car seat adapters M

Clip your car seat onto your YOYO stroller in a flash with car seat adapters.
Depending on the adapters that are available in your country, these are the compatible car seats.
Available in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Russia and South America:

• YOYO car seat by BeSafe®

• BeSafe iZi Go Modular X1

• Cybex Cloud T

• Cybex Cloud Z

• Cybex Cloud Z2 i-Size

• Cybex Aton Q

• Bebe Confort / Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro

• Maxi Cosi Pebble 360 Pro

The car seat
adapters L

Depending on the adapters that are available in your country, these are the compatible car seats.

Available in Central and North America:
• Cybex Aton Q
• Cybex Aton 2
• Nuna Pipa Lite
• Nuna Pipa
• Clek Liing
• Maxi Cosi Mico Max Plus

Available in Australia:
• Maxi Cosi Mico Plus

ISOfix base
by BeSafe®

BeSafe® ISOfix base fits into the ISOfix attachments in your car. It allows a safe trip: YOYO car seat clips and unclips instantly onto its ISOfix base for optimal practicality.

• Growing leg support to adapt to the different seat heights of vehicles.
• Rear or road facing positions.
• Audible safety signals when the seat is properly installed.
• Approved by the regulation UN R129 (i-Size).

The footmuff

Designed so that children can stay warm in their YOYO thanks to its sherpa lining, the YOYO footmuff offers optimal protection.
In very cold weather, the fleece hood with drawstring keeps your baby even warmer. To adapt to all seasons, the hood is reversible and the upper part of the footmuff is fully detachable.

• Anti-dirt protection with opening from below.
• Fully machine washable at 30°C.
• The YOYO stroller folds with the footmuff attached.
• Comes with its own small carrying bag.


The skis clip in an instant on the front wheels of the YOYO stroller and allow it to slide easily and safely on the snow.

• Compatible with all YOYO generations as well as all its setups, except for YOYO connect.
• The stroller frame folds and unfolds easily with the skis in place.

The mittens

The mittens attach onto your YOYO's handlebar to protect the parents' hands during winter strolls. Thanks to them, you can free your hands quickly to take care of your little one.

• Easy installation by means of Velcro®.
• White Sherpa lining with a double layer of padding for optimal comfort.
• Water-repellent finish.
• Machine washable at 30°C.
• Compatible with all YOYO generations.

YOYO backpack

The backpack

Protect your YOYO stroller with its special backpack when you're on the road. Light and strong, it folds and can be stored in the basket under the seat, carried on the shoulder or used as a backpack.
With a pocket at the front and a back strap that allows you to attach it to your suitcase, this bag is the essential accessory to make your trips with your YOYO and YOYO connect even easier.

44 cm x (width) x 45 cm (height) x 22 cm (depth)
17.3 in x (width) x 17.7 in (height) x 8.7 in (depth)

mosquito nets

YOYO mosquito nets keep mosquitoes and insects away from your baby while providing proper air circulation.
They are easy to attach and offer optimal protection against creepy-crawly intrusions.
YOYO mosquito nets are available for the newborn pack, the bassinet, and the 6+ color pack.

The YOYO connect
bassinet adapters

In YOYO connect setup, the bassinet will need specific adapters, sold separately. YOYO connect can be folded and unfolded with bassinet adapters attached.

wheels pack

To take your YOYO even further, you can change its 4 wheels.
In an instant, your YOYO is ready for new adventures!


Now you can change your handlebar for a new one that comes with an ultra-resistant black faux leather coating and a tether strap.
Comes in both frame colors (black and white) and compatible with YOYO² and YOYO+.