Why makes the folding of the ZEN stroller so unique?

The ZEN folding is ultra-flat (only 25 cm!)

It is the only full-size stroller that easily fits into the trunk of a small car (like a Mini or a Fiat 500), without having to take off any part, wheels or seat.

The ZEN is naturally free-standing when folded, and in this position it can be trolleyed sideways like a suitcase…

Can the ZEN be used from birth?

Yes, the BABYZEN ZEN is a truly versatile stroller:

• for a newborn, it's paired with the ZEN carrycot/bouncer. This newborn nest allows a complete flat position or a parent-facing seated position, making it suitable longer in time compared to a standard carry cot.

• the ZEN also accepts several Group 0+ car seats

What are the usages of the ZEN carrycot/bouncer?

The ZEN carrycot is a foldable and modular carrycot/bouncer. It can be used:

• fixed to the ZEN, as a carrycot (fully flat position) or as a parent-facing seat

• when standing on its legs, as a bouncer, a travel crib or a rocker


• your child wakes up while strolling in the park? just raise the backrest so he can look around.

• visiting friends? your baby stays by you, installed in his bouncer.

The ZEN carrycot/bouncer is the only cot that simultaneously complies with standards for strollers (EN 1888), Moses beds (EN 1466) and bouncers (EN 12790).

What is the maximum weight allowed in a ZEN carrycot/bouncer?

The ZEN carrycot is suitable for children up to 9kg (9-12 months, depending on corpulence).

Can the ZEN carrycot be used as a car carrycot?

No, for safety reasons the carrycot is not certified for being placed in a car. Most countries have banned the usage of solid cots as "car carrycots". A Group 0+ car seat positioned rear-facing is the best suited solution for safely transporting an infant in a car.

What are the dimensions of the ZEN stroller when folded?

The folded ZEN measures only 85 x 55 x 25 cm.

And when it's unfolded?

When it's opened, the ZEN is 95 x 60 x 98 to 109 cm, depending on the position of the handlebar.

How much does the ZEN weigh?

The frame alone weighs 9.7 kg. Fully equipped with seat and canopy, its weighs only 10.8 kg.

What are the dimensions of the ZEN carrycot when folded?

The carrycot can be collapsed in a tiny package of only 54 x 49 x 15 cm.

What is the weight of the ZEN carrycot/bouncer?

It weighs only 3.6 kg. It can be easily lifted, either in carrycot or bouncer configuration, thanks to its carrying handle.

Which car seats are compatible with the ZEN?

Adapters are available for the following models: Safe iZi Go & iZi Go Modular, Maxi-Cosi Pebble, Pebble Plus & CabrioFix, Bébé Confort Pebble, Pebble Plus & CabrioFix, Cybex Aton & Aton Q and RECARO Young Profi Plus.

Can the front swivel wheels lock for rough terrain?

SWith a BABYZEN™ stroller it is not necessary. The ZEN and the YOYO strollers are both equipped with an exclusive "soft-drive" system that adapts to the surface without having to operate any device.

Thanks to its fully suspended and puncture-proof 3 large wheels, the ZEN offers a smooth ride in the city like in the countryside. For tough portions in the sand or snow, you can tow it by the front handle.

How does the warning light function?

The LED system located at the front of the ZEN stroller is solar-powered, and is maintenance-free.

Don't forget to activate the main switch located under the chassis.

If the ZEN has been stored for a long period of time, it should be exposed to daylight for 2 hours before switching on the light.

Is the handlebar adjustable?

Yes, according to three positions (maximum height 109 cm).

Is the seat reclinable?

Yes, there are 3 positions for reclining the backrest.

Can the fabrics of ZEN stroller and carrycot be removed for washing?

Yes, all the fabrics of the ZEN can be pulled off very easily, and are machine washable at 30°C.

Can I change the color of the seat pads?

Yes, the seat pads of the ZEN are sold separately, they are reversible and available in a range of assorted colors.

What is the capacity of the shopping basket?

The underseat basket of the ZEN is certified for a maximum load of 2kg.

What materials is the ZEN made of?

Aluminum chassis and high performance plastics, provided by our partner DuPont, world leader for engineering plastics.

Is the ZEN stroller recyclable?

Yes, the ZEN frame is assembled only with screws, so that it can be disassembled and recycled easily.

Is there a rain shield?

Yes, the ZEN includes two very protective and easy to install rain cover, made of flexible plastic.

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